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Remote Computer Repair: It’s safe, secure and efficient.

No upfront charges. If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. 92% of computer problems can be solved with Remote Computer Repair. Technicians are standing by.

All-American Techs

RescuTechs live and work in the USA, no outsourcing

BBB A+ Rating

We’ve maintained a BBB A+ Rating since 2009

Certified Techs

Our career Techs hold multiple IT certifications

“I have recommended RescuTechs to others. The technicians are confident, thorough, and patient when answering questions–these seem to be the standards for RescuTechs staff. Every time their technicians provide service I have learned something new. They explain things in a way that I can understand.”

Timothy H.

“Extremely satisfied! RescuTechs always improves the overall functionality of our computers. Above and beyond expectation! The technicians know their stuff, and describe everything in lay person terms.”

Karen S.

“The technician not only fixed my computer, he also took the time to answer all my computer questions and treated me with great respect, even though I am not well versed with computer technology. We now have a laptop that runs great! Also, great advice and tips on how to keep my computer running optimally.”

Chandra D.

Remote Computer Repair

The Vast Majority of Computer Problems Can Be Solved With Online Tech Support

  • VIrus Removal
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Printer Support
  • VIrus Removal
  • Email Support
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • New Computer Setup
  • PC Tune-Ups
  • Speed Up My Computer
  • New Device Setup
  • Printer Setup
  • Help with Apps
  • Wireless Routers
  • Data Transfer
  • Photo Management
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Word Documents
  • Sound Problems

Remote Computer Repair Favorites

Our Most Popular Remote Computer Repair & Online IT Support Services

Speed Up My Computer (Tune-Up)

About 60 Minutes

Remove a Virus

60-90 Minutes

Printer Support

30-60 Minutes

New Computer Setup

About 60 Minutes

Email Issues

30-60 Minutes

Internet Issues

30-60 Minutes

Pop-Ups / Ads

30-60 Minutes

Windows/iOS Issues

30-90 Minutes

The RescuTechs Guarantee

We’re not trying to be the biggest, just the best. We want you to be thrilled with everything we do. If we can’t solve your technology problem, you won’t be charged for our time.

Four Ways to Get Rescu’d

RescuConnect is the most efficient tech support method, but the choice is yours. We’re flexible.


Old-fashioned service for high-tech headaches. Talk to a tech now or schedule a callback at your convenience.


LiveChat is perfect for many kinds of Tech Support. RescuTechs use it all day, every day. No bots here, only human techs.


Secure remote computer repair is the most efficient tech support method. It’s safe, secure and our customers love it.


If you’d like, we can use your video camera to easily troubleshoot the tech problem from your viewpoint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to fix my tech problem?

Or, “Will I be charged hundreds of dollars because this problem ends up taking half the day to fix?”

We can only guess how long it might take to solve a given tech problem. But you don’t have to guess how much you will be charged. The price for solving any one tech problem shall not exceed $99.00, no matter how long it takes us. If it turns out that we can’t fix the problem, we won’t charge you anything for our time. Sometimes, after our free initial assessment, we determine that we can’t provide a reasonable solution to your tech problem.

Can my tech problem be fixed remotely?

RescuTechs has been an on-site computer repair and tech support company for 18 years. Seven of these years we offered Remote Computer Repair services. Nowadays, we solve a whopping 92% of our customers’ tech problems using Remote Computer Repair technology. It’s great! We don’t have to drive so much, our customers don’t have to host us, they save money, and we solve many more tech support issues per day. So, it’s likely that we can help you using this amazing and secure technology.

Is Remote Computer Repair secure?

We offer our Remote Computer Repair Services to individuals and small businesses across the United States of America. But we have been repairing computers as a local computer repair shop since 2006. We still serve our customers in Southern California and Northern Arizona (Computer Repair Prescott, AZ). The same career computer technicians who serve our local customers are also helping people all over the country using safe and secure remote tech support technology.

What Makes it Secure?

  • Consent Requests: We can only connect to your computer with your permission.
  • Instant Disconnect: You have the power to instantly end the remote support session at any time.
  • No Footprint: This means that we completely remove the remote control software at the end of the session. We cannot re-connect without you giving us permission again.
  • Encrypted Connection: All information that passes between our computers and yours, including data, files, keystrokes, and chats is fully encrypted using technology similar to what banking, financial and government institutions utilize.

When do the charges begin?

With RescuTechs Remote Computer Repair, the initial discussion and assessment of your tech problem is free. The charges begin when the Tech begins the work necessary to solve your tech problem.

Will I have to do anything technical or difficult on my end?

We will need your help to make the initial connection. After we’re connected, most of our Remote Computer Repair services require minimal or no involvement on your part.

Will I be able to understand what your Techs are talking about?

Our Techs have been doing this for a long time. They are patient, kind and very good at explaining things in a way that our customers can understand. All of us here at RescuTechs are grateful for the opporunity to serve our customers. Expect patience, kindness and tenacity any time you call on us for Remote Computer Repair Services.

What if you can’t fix my tech problem?

It happens, but not often. Using Remote Computer Repair, we solve 92% of our customer’s computer problems. This is a good time to mention our iron-clad guarantee: We’re not trying to be the biggest, just the best. We want you to be thrilled with everything we do. If we can’t solve your technology problem, you won’t be charged for our time.

What do customers appreciate about RescuTechs?

Verified customers appreciate that RescuTechs:

  • Are patient, knowledgeable and efficient
  • Answer questions thoroughly and explain things in a way they understand
  • Are honest
  • Save them from fear and panic when it comes to technology

“Great!  RescuTechs responded quickly and fixed our problem quickly.  They are professional and knowledgeable.  We no longer have to live in fear or panic regarding our computer issues.” ~Susan L.

“The best service. Quick response and honest. The technicians do the best job and fixed our PC’s better than our IT staff at work.” ~Kathy S.

“Wonderful! RescuTechs always calls as soon as possible, they take the time to answer my questions and show me how to do things.  Regardless of how silly I may think my question is they always explain and show me what to do.  Can’t ask for anything more.” ~Pamela C.

“Honest and great!  They tell the truth about our computers.” ~Jonnie T.

“Reasonable, friendly, and they fix the problem.  They are honest and gave me alternatives to fixing my computer.  They have established themselves as a reputable computer repair service and I would recommend RescuTechs highly.” ~Sandy P.

About RescuTechs

More About What We Do For You

RescuTechs has been repairing computers for eighteen years. RescuTechs was started in 2006 in Camarillo, CA to provide on-site computer support and computer repair services to local small businesses and home users.

Repairing computers quickly turned into repairing printers and various IT hardware. You might think that RescuTechs are repairing computers all day, but about half of what we support and repair doesn’t involve servicing a computer.

RescuTechs love repairing computers and we truly enjoying helping our customers with their technology. We want you to think of us whenever you need help–no question or problem is too small. And we’d love it if you would mention us to your friends and family. After all, referrals and repeat business has made RescuTechs to what it is today: a 100% organically grown service company.

Contact us for friendly and professional remote computer repair services at:

RescuTechs Remote PC Repair is more in demand than ever. Why? Remote PC repair is less expensive than on-site or in-home computer repair, it saves on drive-time, you won’t have to host a tech at your home or business, and in with RescuTechs, you get some of the best, most experienced PC repair technicians available.

Why is Remote PC Repair Less Expensive? – We don’t have to pay for drive-time and all the associated costs of sending a computer repair technician out to visit you. With Remote PC Repair, you don’t have to pay to have a captive technician at your home or business, and neither do we. With Remote PC Repair, because our computer technicians aren’t captive, they can complete many more Remote PC Repair service calls in a given day. We love Remote PC Repair, and so will you.

The Computer Repair Technicians, IT Support Technicians and Engineers who help you with Remote PC Repair services are the same experts we have sent out to thousands of homes and small businesses over the years. For years, RescuTechs have entered into thousands of unfamiliar technical environments and to solve tech problems for our customers. We do this every day, all day long. We can’t say we’ve seen it all, but we sure have seen a lot of IT. Consider putting this experience, knowledge and ability to work for your technology, or for your small business.

Remote PC repair provides you with an utterly convenient way to have your computer problems solved, and right in the comfort of your own home or office.

Call us today for Remote PC Repair services from RescuTechs: 1-888-737-2891

Remote IT Support Services for small businesses, small offices and home-based businesses – RescuTechs helps you to get control of your small business technology.

We use Remote IT Support Services to solve 92% of our customers’ IT issues. We need to send a Technician to visit them only 8% of the time. Consider the costs of an on-site Technician’s visit compared to that of RescuTechs Remote IT Support Services.

No drive-time and no on-site captive Tech means that RescuTechs complete many more Remote IT Support session in one day. RescuTechs Remote IT Support is efficient, effective, secure and it can save you money.

Call us for a free consulation and more information on Remote IT Support Services for your small business at: 1-888-737-2891

Online Tech Support Services by RescuTechs

With nearly two decades of experience as an on-site computer repair and IT support company, we have an understanding of the costs associated with dispatching an experienced, career Technician to your location and having them remain on-site until your technical issues are resolved. This can become costly

What if there was no drive-time, because there was no driving necessary? What if the technician wasn’t a ‘captive on-site tech’ and only able to work on your tech problem the entire time?

Online Tech Support Services

We securely connect to your computer and solve problems without the drive-time. You don’t have to deal with visitors at your home or business and our technicians aren’t tied-up at one location, or sitting in traffic. All of these advantages lead to you saving money. On-site computer repair and support is expensive, while Online Tech Support Services are much more affordable.

If you have used on-site tech support services before, you’ll see that our prices for Online Tech Support our much lower. We love Online Tech Support, and so will you—we guarantee it.

Call us now to get Remote Computer Repair Services: 1-888-737-2891

The RescuTechs Guarantee

We’re not trying to be the biggest, just the best. We want you to be thrilled with everything we do. If we can’t solve your technology problem, you won’t be charged for our time.

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